Security Measures.

Advanced data encryption using

Pre-countermeasured by penetration tests.

Compatible with the latest versions of various middleware

From 770 yen/month.

Uses (Industry-standard) Cutting edge technology

ChatGPT service for corporations or governments

Various abilities
for data learning.

Can load Office documents and PDFs.

Can load
multiple URLs.

Can covert YouTube video audio to text.










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Video explanation of "Chatman" operation


Highest standard security measures

Uses advanced Encryption Standard “AES_128_GCM”

We use a 128-bit version of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt and authenticate your data.
This protects your data from unauthorized access or tampering by third parties.

Encryption of large HDs
on the server side (AES-256)

All data files use the industry's most trusted “AES-256 “ encryption.
“AES-256” encryption is so strong that even the latest supercomputers cannot analyze it, even over the 13.8 billion years of the universe's history.

Pre-proven by penetration tests

We have already demonstrated a "penetration test" in which we actually connect to a network and launch an attack on a system, assuming a cyber attack that would be carried out by any attacker, such as a DOS attack.

Compatible with the latest versions of various middleware

We support the latest versions of Ubuntu (OS), Python, Docker, and various other middleware, and update them as needed.

Uses the latest security protocol

It is the latest transport layer security protocol, fixing vulnerabilities in previous versions and optimizing communication speed and security.

Fast and secure key exchange using “X25519”

The state-of-the-art elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key exchange mechanism is used. This enables fast and secure key exchange and improves the security of communications.

Our WebAPI servers combine these latest technologies to provide secure and reliable services to our customers. Let us work with you to keep your business and data safe at the highest security level.


Some ChatGPT plug-in functions allow you to use the same functions as Chatman, but “at present”, If you use the plug-in function, the information you enter will be used by GPT (The risk of information leakage).

When you use Chatman, you can use these convenient functions without worrying about leaks due to the highest level of security measures!

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Various abilities for data learning.

Can zupload Office documents and PDFs.

In addition to text files, you can also load Microsoft office (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) documents and PDF files.

Can load multipleURLs.

It is possible to load text documents from websites. You can simultaneously load multiple URLs, such as text on a website or PDF files on the website.

Can be learned from Youtube.

It is possible to convert the audio of YouTube videos into text and have it read out. You will be able to ask questions directly without having to transcribe them separately.

\ New features are being added one after another!!! /

Google Drive files can now also be read!

You can now share your chat history with your team!

Features to be added in the future

1. Ability to question and answer any huge document
2. Implementing Push Notifications

We are also constantly updating our website with various other latest technologies.
We are also open to requests and questions about new functions you would like to add, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Here are some specific practical examples

Even huge amounts of internal documents are answered with ease!

By having "Chatman" pre-learn information that must not be leaked to outside parties, such as internal company manuals and industry-specific technical documents, conversations can be held as original GPT with such knowledge, enabling specialized conversations not possible with ChatGPT.

Foreign literature on the Internet is also loaded with automatic translation!

Literature in any foreign language can be automatically translated for questions, data selection, and long summaries because it reads the API of DeepL. Multiple PDF files as well as web pages can be specified, making it easy to find the best solution.

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Price plan

3 month

Try it
for 3 months first!


(Per an accounr)

Initial cost

(Per an account)

※Minimum number of contracts: 10 accounts

Server cost

(Up to 3GB per 10 accounts)

※Managed by partition
※Additional 1GB 500yen/month

Other expenses will be estimated separately.

1 year

Save 1.5 months compared to
the 3-month plan!!


(Per an account)

Initial cost

(Per an account)

※Minimum number of contracts: 10 accounts

Server cost

Up to 3GB per 10 accounts

※Managed by partition
※Additional 1GB 500yen/month

Other expenses will be estimated separately.


Freely customize
according to the situation



Initial cost


Initial cost



This plan allows you to customize the design and functions to suit your company's situation. Please contact us with any trivial questions.

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